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Terms and Conditions

By making a booking, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the below terms and conditions.


  • Pinchbeck Dog Paddock is to be used solely for the purposes of dog exercise and training.

  • Visits to Pinchbeck Dog Paddock are strictly by appointment only.

  • The first time you visit the paddock, please ensure you book a First Visit slot.


  • After booking a First Visit, you will be emailed instructions, including videos, detailing how to access the paddock.

  • You will gain access using the gate padlock code.

  • The gate padlock code changes regularly and will be sent to you prior to your appointment. This should not be shared with anyone else.

  • Do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment.

  • Do not to enter when the field is in use.

  • Please park in the secondary parking area until the previous user has left.

  • Please take care and be mindful of the proximity of the fence and gates when parking and reversing.

  • Please do not drive on the grass.

  • Do not let your dog(s) out of your vehicle until you are in the field and have securely closed and locked the gate behind you.

  • If you are late arriving, you must still leave at the end of your appointment time.

  • Please ensure that you have your dog(s) in your vehicle and are ready to leave promptly by the end of your slot. 

  • Close and padlock the gate behind you as you leave.


  • Bookings cannot be transferred to another person.

  • Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Any cancellation after that period will not be refunded.

  • If you fail to turn up for your appointment, turn up at the wrong time or leave the field early, you will still be liable for the whole of the charge and no refund will be given.


  • Please ensure you can see your dog(s) at all times.

  • Dogs should never be left unattended or tied to any fences or gates.


  • The paddock is surrounded by 6 foot high fencing attached to wooden posts. The fence is also dug in to approximately 1 foot underground. If your dog(s) can jump high fences or squeeze through small gaps then the paddock may not be appropriate for them.

  • The boundary and security of the field is checked on a regular basis, however you are advised to check that you are satisfied with the safety and condition of the fencing before letting your dog(s) off lead.

  • If you identify any damage to the fence, please notify Pinchbeck Dog Paddock.

  • Pinchbeck Dog Paddock cannot accept responsibility for escapes.


  • Do not allow your dog(s) to dig. Stop them immediately and attempt to fill the hole.

  • Please inform Pinchbeck Dog Paddock of any holes encountered and mark their position with one of the stakes provided.


  • Although the paddock is regularly checked, you may encounter natural hazards such as sticks, stones, uneven ground, holes and stinging nettles.

  • You are advised to wear appropriate footwear for the ground, light and weather conditions.

  • Pinchbeck Dog Paddock is situated on a working farm so there may be agricultural activity, including movement of machinery, during your visit. Please take care when driving through the main yard on your arrival and departure. 

Equipment use

  • The enrichment equipment has been provided for dog use only. Please do not climb on it or allow children to.

  • Equipment is checked on a regular basis, however you are advised to check you are satisfied with its condition before you allow your dog(s) to use it.

  • Equipment is used entirely at your own risk and Pinchbeck Dog Paddock accept no liability for any human or canine injuries, however caused.

  • Please be aware that, to protect their growing bones, dogs under a year should not be jumping any height. It is advised that the equipment is used accordingly.

Harsh handling

  • We believe that dogs should be treated with respect and harsh handling will not be tolerated.

Dog waste/litter

  • Please pick up after your dog(s) and place any dog waste in the provided bins.

  • The provided bins are for dog waste only. Please take any other rubbish home with you.


  • Please respect our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum. We understand that dogs may be excited and bark, especially on arrival, but please do not allow constant barking whilst using the field.

Number of dogs and vehicles

  • The maximum number of dogs permitted to use the facility at any one time is 6. The maximum number of vehicles permitted is 2.

Canine illness

  • If your dog(s), or any dog that it lives with, is showing signs of ill health (for example, vomiting, diarrhoea, kennel cough, lethargy) you must not use the paddock. Please reschedule your appointment.

No smoking

  • There is to be no smoking anywhere on the site.


  • Children are to be supervised at all times and should not climb on any equipment, fences or gates.

‘After Dark’ Appointments

  • Lights, powered by a generator, are provided. These light up around half of the paddock.

  • You will need to cross part of the paddock to turn on the lights when you arrive, and then cross back to your vehicle at the end of the session, after turning the lights off.

  • Please ensure you have a headtorch with you; this will allow you to see as you walk to/from the lights. It also ensures you can see any poo to collect it.

  • Please turn off the lights at the end of your session.

  • Maximum of 3 dogs per person, up to a maximum of 6 dogs- this is ensure that all poos can be seen and collected.

  • It is advisable to use additional items to help improve the visibility of your dog such as a light up collar or reflective coat.

Exempted Dog Breeds

  • Dog breeds that are banned under the Dangerous Dog Act may use the paddock off lead and unmuzzled providing all of the conditions specified by the Government are met:

-Registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs (IED)

-Insured for Third Party Public Liability​

-Neutered in line with Government rules

-Supervised with a 1:1 ratio of banned breed dog to handler at all times

  • In addition, the gate MUST be padlocked from the inside and the dog must only be off lead and unmuzzled when the gate is closed and locked.

  • Multiple dogs can use the paddock together, but must all be from the same household.

  • Any banned breed dog must have their own handler (over 16). The remaining dogs must have their own separate handler, from the same household (over 16).

Privacy and Data Protection

  • Your personal details are required for us to process your booking. They will also be used when it is necessary to contact you regarding your booking.

  • Your details are stored within the online booking system.

  • Pinchbeck Dog Paddock will never share your information with others.

Indemnity and Insurance

  • In keeping with the law regarding responsible dog ownership, you should be in control of your dog(s) at all times and are entirely responsible for you and your dog(s)' safety whilst using the paddock. 

  • The paddock is used at your own risk and Pinchbeck Dog Paddock accepts no liability for any loss, damage, injury or death that occurs to you, your dogs or your property, or for any veterinary bills that arise from using the paddock.


  • Pinchbeck Dog Paddock reserves the right to use material that has been shared with them, such as text, images or videos, for promotional purposes.


  • Pinchbeck Dog Paddock reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in the withdrawal of your permission to use the paddock.

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